Does the Common Cold Protect You from COVID-19?

Did you have a recent (before the current #covid19pandemic ) flu-like illness caused by another #coronavirus? You may have better protection against #sarscov2.

Coronaviruses found all around the world have been known for decades to cause what are usually much milder infections. There is emerging evidence that people who were infected by other #coronaviruses possess some degree of pre-existing #immunity

A study published in Science Magazine
found SARS-CoV-2 reactive T cells in pre-pandemic blood samples from 25 healthy individuals which supports the idea that previous exposure to these common viruses might leave our #immunesystem primed to respond to the novel coronavirus.

But reactive T cells could even produce the opposite result—a detrimental #immuneresponse that ultimately harms the patient, for example, when someone experiences excessive #inflammation or an inability to clear the virus. But this cross-reactive T cells could be bad for the old people.

Another study found that some people, and 60% of children , already have IgG antibodies reactive with SARS-CoV-2 proteins and neutralizing the virus.