AI Meets Wellness Genomics

Your genetic makeup is unique.

Variations in your genes (called SNPs) are what make you unique and different than others.

Two decades of research and thousands of genome-wide association studies have provided us with a critical understanding of how these variations impact hundreds of wellness traits.

We can now assess your likelihood for a given wellness trait.

Using our advanced computational algorithm and scientific gene-trait interaction studies, we can assess your body’s vitamins and fat processing, skin care needs, muscle and injury profile, sleep quality and hundreds of other wellness traits.

You can now make wellness choices based on the unique needs of your body.

Understanding your predispositions helps you make choices that match your body’s need. No more generic diets, generic exercise routines, or generic skin care advice.


The most scientifically rigorous wellness Genomics AI™ engine available

Context-rich complex trait risk assessment engine.

The Computational Genomics platform used by LifeNome to generate your reports provides the most rigorous science currently available to analyze genetics-based wellness.

LifeNome’s Genomics AI™ engine assesses the cumulative effect of multiple genetic variations that may impact your wellness traits based on thousands of peer-reviewed genetic studies and provides you with state of the art predisposition likelihood assessment for that trait.

Data-driven systems biology deep learning

LifeNome’s proprietary technology presents a paradigm shift from a simple association between a genetic variant and a trait to context-rich complex risk assessment between multiple genetic variants and traits. Our AI-enhanced and population-optimized engine validates risk assessments on over 500K genotype-phenotype data and provides predisposition-based product personalization modules for nutrition, fitness, and skin-care.




genetic variations analyzed


wellness traits reported


peer-reviewed and curated scientific studies