Lifenome is honored to provide DNA-based Wellness Assessments to the delegates of Global Wellness Summit

Many delegates will have the opportunity to take a DNA-Based Wellness Assessment from LifeNome before the Summit kicks off and will be encouraged to participate in interactive discussions around the testing experience, as well as the greater implications that this in-depth information could ultimately have on individuals and society as a whole. “As part of  ‘Living a Well Life,’ the theme of this year’s Summit, we are encouraging delegates to examine what makes us who we are, and DNA plays a significant role in this discovery. Collaborative, expert-led conversations and debates around the radical implications these new tests have on our health and wellness will be a hot topic at this year’s Summit – and having a large amount of delegates attend who have already had a DNA or other biomarker testing experience, will surely help the conversation come alive.  This is just one of the interactive wellness experiences we have planned for delegates this year,” said Susie Ellis, GWS CEO and chairman.

In addition to exploring the testing that is available today, experts will also explore the coming wave of tests that will be able to analyze dozens of biomarkers to identify if our biology and metabolism are moving in healthy or unhealthy directions; because, ultimately, lifestyle factors like diet, exercise, stress and environment determine which diseases we will get and, critically, which we can prevent. ​​​

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