LifeNome Releases COVID-19 SPARE Severity Risk Calculator to the Public

The award-winning precision health and well-being AI company provides open access to its AI-based epidemiological COVID-19 severity risk calculator.  

New York, NY September 28, 2020 LifeNome has launched SPARE (, the most comprehensive COVID-19 severity risk assessment currently available.

SPARE’s engine determines users’ statistical risk of hospitalization and/or need for critical care, if they become infected with COVID-19, by analyzing their demographic, epidemiological, and health data. It then provides personalized recommendations on work, socialization, and personal safety based on the CDC and WHO COVID-19 guidelines. SPARE’s AI engine consolidates risk data from 26 global severity studies and patient data from more than 75,000 people from the United States, United Kingdom, China, Spain, Italy, and France.

Dr. Ali Mostashari, LifeNome’s CEO, explained that “while people generally know that factors such as age and obesity contribute to the potential severity of a COVID-19 infection, it is impossible for them to consider the 90 plus risk factors that collectively provide a more accurate assessment of their individual severity risk.”  

While the public beta version of SPARE will feature assessments based on 45 epidemiological and demographic factors, the enterprise version will also consider more than 50 DNA-based risk factors. This fully-functional version also provides tools for companies to safely bring their employees back to the office and their customers back to venues and gatherings.

While SPARE’s engine, database, and underlying science are updated continuously, the platform’s risk assessment is informational in nature and does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.

Individuals interested in assessing their potential COVID-19 severity risk can use the public application at for free. Companies interested in the enterprise solution can set up a demo of the complete application, which features an additional 50 DNA-based risk factors, particularly useful to assess potential additional risk factors for individuals with lower age and no known medical conditions.

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