LifeNome selected as part of the Food Tech accelerator Plug and Play Food

LifeNome Inc. selected as part of the Food Tech accelerator Plug and Play Food. Looking forward to leveraging our precision nutrition capabilities for some of the world’s biggest food organizations in improving health and well-being for preventative health.
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On July 14th, Plug and Play Food hosted Food Selection Day. After 27 Startup Pitches and 18 Deep Dive Sessions, they have selected 15 startups to join the upcoming Food Batch 8. Congratulations to all other startups on being selected as well:
ALGAMA Foods ⓋEdamamPosidonia SaltStenCo, LLCTurtleTree Labs#Biotip Paragon PureTalkin’​ ThingsmyAirDayTwoMycroft AI IncShiruTuring Labs Inc. YORAN Imaging