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Genetic testing for wellness empowers precision health and  wellness for personalized wellness choices for individuals. LifeNome offers the world's premier artificial intelligence AI genomics engine and empowers data-driven wellness choices for dna diet, dna skin care, dna fitness, dna allergy, dna personality and other wellness traits. 

LifeNome is a revolutionary DNA-based wellness Artificial intelligence (AI) company with the aim of revolutionizing how individuals make personalized wellness decision. Individuals can use their existing genetics testing data (from providers such as 23andMe, Ancestry. com, FamilyTreeDNA or others) or order a new genetic test to get access to 150+ predisposition reports on nutrition, dieting, fitness, skin care, addictions, allergies and sensitivities and many more. LifeNome explores more than 8000 genetic variations to assess potential wellness predispositions.  DNA Wellness, DNA Weight Loss, DNA Diets, DNA SKin Care, DNA Fitness and DNA Allergy Management are among LifeNome's offerings. DNA well-being is a new paradigm for personalized wellness (also known as precision health and  wellness). 

LifeNome offers the world's most comprehensive genomics Software as a Service (gSaaS) platform . We offer genetics-based product personalization solutions for nutrition, dieting, fitness and skin care  product brands using a database of more  than 900 genetic wellness markers. 

We also offer customized DNA-based wellness and health reports (both as API and with web-based UI) for genetic testing companies, brands, physicians, nutritionists, fitness trainers, wellness clinics, and wellness resorts. In particular we are interested in hearing from established entities with access to markets in the Middle East and North Africa, Europe (Western and Eastern), as well as  Australia and New Zealand.  

If you wish to partner with us on any of the above, please contact us by emailing our partnerships division or through our contact form.

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