LifeNome Precision Consumption AI Platform for Enterprises

LifeNome’s AI & Genomics algorithm offers B2B personalized wellness solutions in nutrition, dieting, supplements, skin care, hair care, fitness, preventive wellbeing, sleep and productivity


You can improve your customers’ experiences, drive innovation, improve decision-making and boost sales, by incorporating cutting edge wellness genomics with LifeNome’s customized and ready to integrate solutions.


LifeNome’s Solutions are based on the most scientifically rigorous wellness genomics AI Engine available, on more than 2,500 peer-reviewed and curated scientific studies and on more than 9,000 genetic variations analysed and 140+ wellness traits reported than any other DNA-based wellness report.


LifeNome offers comprehensive, customized DNA-based services to genetic testing companies, physicians, nutritionists, fitness trainers, skin care providers, weight-loss and wellness clinics, spas and resorts. By providing genetics tests, you add a critical new dimension to your wellness offerings, empowering your clients with individualized solution plans & actionable effective insights.


LifeNome personalized wellness solutions include full DNA-based reports on nutrition, fitness, skin care, and preventive well-being that can be delivered to your clients via web-based user interface.


LifeNome can also provide Application Program Interface (API) to enable your designers to build customizable applications for your clients and customers.



Pre-built Content

Catalogue of already configured service and content packs to save time and start faster.

Custom Domain Solutions

Industry or region-specific solutions via customizable content-related elements of the assessments and recommendations.


Integration with Different Genetic Sequencing Platforms

Support to the major genotypic data formats available in the market for easier integration.

Highly Personalised Reports

Detailed insights into individual’s characteristics based on the genetic and non-genetic data for segmentation, personalised product recommendations, and highly targeted messaging.

Highly Accurate Assessment Engine

Improved predisposition score accuracy for genotypic traits and populations by application of the machine learning and recognition of the different genotypic clusters in real-time with high confidence.


Powerful Insights about Products and Services

Understanding the unstructured data about products and services with the advanced analytical features including natural language processing combined with the expert knowledge.

Intelligence Infused Recommendations

Selecting the best products and services by advanced matching learning algorithms to infer the recommendations for the specific individuals’ characteristics based on the genetic data and individual’s inclination to pursue different products and services.


Knowledge Based on Trusted Sources

Knowledge from the thousands of the scientific studies and publicly available databases used for building and updating the computational models by application of the dynamic network analysis.

Models Trained on the Wide Population Datasets

Training data from the full range of the publicly available genotypic and phenotypic databases for different populations in combination with the results from the own assessments and recommendations.


Built on Open Source

Familiar open source data science and machine learning tools integrated within the foundation of the LifeNome Precision Consumption AI Platform architecture.

Advanced Security

Homomorphic encryption standards for genomic and phenotypic data in cloud-based solution with automatic and dynamic masking of sensitive information that protects data from misuse.

Easier Data Preparation

SDKs for supporting data preparation for Java, Node JS and Python development environments to start building with LifeNome APIs.

Data Privacy

Partners may choose whether the provided data will be used for improving assessment and recommendation models and benefit from the insights resulting from the studies.

Application examples


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DNA24 App is a daily companion app that guides you through your daily life by providing personalized choices based on the results from your LifeNome reports. It shows your DNA profile, your personality traits and how you can benefit from them, best exercises through the day, meals planned just for you, it can guide you through your shopping list and much more. Use your predispositions and combine it with your daily life.


BeautyAI is a AI & DNA-based skincare advisor. Using your LifeNome reports, BeautyAI can rank and curate the best skin care products for you tailored to your genes and lifestyle. BeautyAI is the world’s first skincare advisor that analyzes your DNA and lifestyle with AI to understand your unique skincare needs and recommend the best products. Get customized skin care using your LifeNome DNA reports (in Total reports or LifeNome reports) and answering our questionnaire. Then BeautyAI will curate the best products personalized for your skin.