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Provide your customers with insights into their unique genetics and predispositions.

Every person has thousands of genetic variations, and the unique combination of these variations has a significant impact on the health and well-being traits of an individual. LifeNome’s Genomics’ AI offers your company the ability to analyze the genetic variations of your customers and filter it through the latest scientific studies to provide those customers with robust, cutting-edge insights into their genetic predispositions.

Product Features & Benefits
Nutrition & Diet Reports

30+ traits detailing the effectiveness of diets like low-carb or low-fat and nutritional predispositions such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Allergy and Sensitivity Reports

30+ traits informing your customers on their allergies of pets and foods, predispositions to hayfever and histamines, sensitivities to chemicals like PCB, and more.

Beauty Reports

35+ traits helping identify your customer’s genetic predispositions such as; sensitivity to the sun, photo-aging, acne, skin dryness, youthfulness, and hair loss.

Fitness Reports

30+ traits detailing your customer’s genetic fitness profile, injury potential, muscle characteristics, and fitness benefits.


Empower your customers with the world’s most advanced precision preventative health engine

LifeNome’s Precision Health and Well-being platform or XHealth enables companies to provide their customers with tailor-made health and well-being interventions based on a variety of data sources such as genomics, lifestyle, environment, and wearables. LifeNome’s proprietary XHealth engine generates personalized health programs across the areas of nutrition, fitness, stress management, disease management, and sleep. Our genomics-based programs have demonstrated the ability to reduce the risk of chronic disease and increase life expectancy by as much as 6.08 years in participants! These programs are accessible via API or fully customizable white label application.

Product Features & Benefits
Nutrition & Diet Programs

Create customized diet programs allowing customers to make the best diet decisions for their families and themselves.

Fitness Programs

Understand the muscle characteristics and injury potential of your customers on a genetic level and create exercise programs to get fit, stay in shape, and remain injury-free.

Sleep & Stress Management

1/3 of your customer’s lives are spent sleeping; our Xhealth engine helps your customers manage their stress levels and sleep better than ever before.


Upgrade your customer’s shopping experience by providing clear and insightful choices.

Consumers have long desired the ability to take the guesswork out of choosing a product or service. Having too many choices paralyzes customers, stopping them from completing their purchases to research a product’s or service’s efficacy. LifeNome’s Precision Consumption AI™ uses a powerful combination of personal, wearable, and lifestyle data to offer new ways of tailoring your entire portfolio of product and service offerings to your customers; increasing the efficacy of your offerings and improving the personal consumption habits of your customers in the domains of nutrition, beauty, exercise, sleep, stress, and more!


• Skin care
• Hair care
• Dental care
• Foods & Supplements


• Nutrition
• Exercises
• Groceries
• Behavior


• Skin care
• Hair care
• Supplements
• Dieting


• Diet & Weight loss
• Exercise & Fitness
• Sleep & Stress management

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