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SkinNome Sample Report - DNA Skin Care and Beauty

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LifeNome is a revolutionary DNA-based wellness Artificial intelligence (AI) company with the aim of revolutionizing how individuals make personalized wellness decision. Individuals can use their existing genetics testing data (from providers such as 23andMe, Ancestry. com, FamilyTreeDNA or others) or order a new genetic test to get access to 150+ predisposition reports on nutrition, dieting, fitness, skin care, addictions, allergies and sensitivities and many more. LifeNome explores more than 8000 genetic variations to assess potential wellness predispositions.  DNA Wellness, DNA Weight Loss, DNA Diets, DNA SKin Care, DNA Fitness and DNA Allergy Management are among LifeNome's offerings. DNA well-being is a new paradigm for personalized wellness (also known as precision wellness). 
NutriNome Sample Report - DNA Nutrition and Diet

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DNA Wellness also known as genetics wellness and precision wellness is a new wellness paradigm that leverages genomics, DNA testing and artificial intelligence to allow individuals to empower their personalized wellness, personalized diet, personalized fitness, personalized skin care, personalized allergy management and personalized personality and cognitive development. LifeNome is the top ranked DNA testing company focusing on precision wellness globally. LifeNome's artificial intelligence (AI) genomics engine leverages thousands of scientific studies to assess the likelihood of various genetic variations on your wellness outcomes. Precision wellness is the future of wellness and can help with prevention of diseases. 
* LifeNome Reports use existing DNA data from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, or FTDNA. Genetic testing kits can be added from 23andMe through our portal if you don't have DNA data already. LifeNome is not affiliated with any of these providers and only allows individuals to use their raw genetic data from these providers for its wellness reports. 
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AllergeNome Sample Report - DNA Allergy Management

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PersoNome Sample Report - DNA Personality and Cognitive Development

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Genetic testing for wellness empowers precision wellness for personalized wellness choices for individuals. LifeNome offers the world's premier artificial intelligence AI genomics engine and empowers data-driven wellness choices for dna diet, dna skin care, dna fitness, dna allergy, dna personality and other wellness traits. 

FitNome Sample Report - DNA Fitness and Exercise

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