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Food & Nutrition

LifeNome makes selecting a diet plan and shopping for the right foods easier than ever.

Every person is unique and has specific nutritional deficiencies and compatibilities. While there are countless ‘healthy’ diets available, these diets affect people in very different ways. LifeNome’s proprietary Genomics AI™ technology matches the personal nutritional profile needs of your customers to a diet that is optimal for them using the knowledge from thousands of scientific studies. We provide your consumers with personalized diet & nutrition plans that can result in increased weight loss, improved energy, and extended lifespan, even when compared to common ‘healthy’ diets.

Powerful Insights

Share insights with your customers about their nutritional deficiencies and compatibilities.

Comprehensive Nutritional Solution

Create holistic diet plans that not only address what your customers eat, but when they eat, how they eat, and how to supplement.

Simplify Shopping

Make your customer’s shopping experience easier than ever by highlighting or filtering foods & nutritional products.

9MOONS Personalized Prenatal Nutrition


It’s time to stop spending hours online reading misinformation and risking your baby’s health. Instead, say hello to evidence-based prenatal nutrition created by experts and scientists. Try the world’s 1st personalized prenatal nutrition plan.


LifeNome helps your beauty brands & offerings be synonymous with efficacy.

Now more than ever, beauty is becoming an integral part of health and wellness. Every individual’s unique biology, lifestyle, and environment affects their beauty needs differently. LifeNome’s proprietary Genomics AI™ technology offers personalized skin and hair care assessments that provide customers with a comprehensive understanding of their skin, hair, and scalp characteristics. In addition to assessments we provide your customers with personalized beauty recommendations informing them which are the best products and routines based on their biology, lifestyle, and environment.

Smart Beauty

AI technologies to enhance personalization and customization, beauty devices, sensors, and wearables all reign.

Product Formulation

Use LifeNome’s data to identify unmet market demand and formulate new products turning the market shortage into an opportunity to grow your business.

Beauty Meets Health & Wellness

Combine beauty with health & wellness to create an alignment of holistic beauty and positive outcomes on more levels for all your customers.

Our genes are unique
Our products and services should be too