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Precision Health & Well-being

Personalize your company’s product or service based on your customer’s genes and lifestyle.

LifeNome recommends the best product or service for an individual based on their genes. LifeNome’s proprietary Genomics AI™ technology allows for personalization of Diet & Nutrition, Fitness & Exercise, Beauty, and Sleep & Stress. These offerings are the pillars of the Health and Wellness Industry, and LifeNome’s platform allows you to engage your customers and personalize them all to your customer’s individual needs. Health and wellness interventions have become increasingly effective as the science behind genomics has continued to advance. Health-conscious companies must realize that because their customer’s genes are unique, the solutions they offer their customers need to be too.

Better Health Outcomes

Improve the health outcomes of your customers, such as weight loss, stress reduction, and more.

Tailored solutions

Tailor your company’s offering to individual consumers increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Pair wearable technology and genomics to provide highly personalized and engaging content.

Precision Food & Nutrition

LifeNome makes selecting a diet plan and shopping for the right foods easier than ever.

Every person is unique and has specific nutritional deficiencies and compatibilities. While there are countless ‘healthy’ diets available, these diets affect people in very different ways. LifeNome’s proprietary Genomics AI™ technology matches the personal nutritional profile needs of your customers to a diet that is optimal for them using the knowledge from thousands of scientific studies. We provide your consumers with personalized diet & nutrition plans that can result in increased weight loss, improved energy, and extended lifespan, even when compared to common ‘healthy’ diets.

Powerful Insights

Share insights with your customers about their nutritional deficiencies and compatibilities.

Comprehensive Nutritional Solution

Create holistic diet plans that not only address what your customers eat, but when they eat, how they eat, and how to supplement.

Simplify Shopping

Make your customer’s shopping experience easier than ever by highlighting or filtering foods & nutritional products.

Precision Fitness & Exercise

Take your business to the next level by providing your consumers with personalized Fitness and Exercise recommendations backed by science.

Genomic testing for fitness has become a new movement in the health and wellness world. Everyone from influencers and workout devotees to casual gym-goers is trying to get a better grasp of how their genetic makeup relates to their performance and proficiencies. LifeNome’s proprietary Genomics AI™ technology gives your customers insights into what hormones may prevent burning fat, as well as a variety of details about their physiology, skeletal muscle characteristics, and strength traits. Workout recommendations and programs are then customized to help overcome obstacles and enhance your customer’s lifestyle and performance.

Reduce the Risk of Injury

Substantially reduce the risk of injury for your customers with personalized fitness recommendations.

Beat your Competition

Create highly personalized fitness programs that differentiate your company’s offerings from the competition.

Complete Fitness Solution

Integrate fitness and exercise programs and recommendations with nutrition and diet program and create a holistic solution for your customers.

Precision Beauty

LifeNome helps your beauty brands & offerings be synonymous with efficacy.

Now more than ever, beauty is becoming an integral part of health and wellness. Every individual’s unique biology, lifestyle, and environment affects their beauty needs differently. LifeNome’s proprietary Genomics AI™ technology offers personalized skin and hair care assessments that provide customers with a comprehensive understanding of their skin, hair, and scalp characteristics. In addition to assessments we provide your customers with personalized beauty recommendations informing them which are the best products and routines based on their biology, lifestyle, and environment.

Smart Beauty

AI technologies to enhance personalization and customization, beauty devices, sensors, and wearables all reign.

Product Formulation

Use LifeNome’s data to identify unmet market demand and formulate new products turning the market shortage into an opportunity to grow your business.

Beauty Meets Health & Wellness

Combine beauty with health & wellness to create an alignment of holistic beauty and positive outcomes on more levels for all your customers.

Precision Insurance

LifeNome lets insurers proactively mitigate the mortality risk of its customers.

LifeNome’s proprietary Genomics AI™ technology lowers the risk profile of your portfolio and improves the health and wellness outcomes of your customers. Our Insurance and Employer solutions deliver enhanced engagement with the insured and is more effective at identifying individual risk while developing targeted solutions that lead to risk mitigation. We provide insurers with increases in portfolio-wide life expectancy and decreases in morbidity.

Improve your Customer’s Quality of Life

Lower the cost of your portfolio by proactively helping your customers address their health risks by increasing their quality of life and longevity.

Leverage Technology

Pair wearable technology and genomics to provide highly personalized and engaging content.

Smarter Risk Models

Generate valuable insights to understand mortality tables better and use updated information to adopt dynamic underwriting modules.

Precision Retail & CPG

LifeNome helps retailers and CPG companies transition from e-commerce to “me-commerce.”

As consumers have become more health-conscious, and retail brands have moved to e-commerce, personalization has blossomed as a result of their coupling. Consumers across the world expect e-commerce to become “me-commerce.” Companies must adopt a mindset that allows their customers to individualize and control their buying process, and the user experience is fundamental to that. LifeNome’s proprietary Genomics AI™ technology will enable retailers & CPG companies to deploy game-changing DNA-leveraging personalization and recommendation buying tools that are responding to this growing customer trend.

Understand your consumer better

Targeted solutions allow your company to understand your consumer better by being the first to anticipate consumer trends.

Curated shopping carts

Offer customized shopping carts of items based on your customer’s unique profile and needs.

Powered by Science

Deliver differentiated science-supported product and exercise offerings to grow your business.

Our genes are unique
Our products and services should be too