9MOONS Personalized Prenatal Nutrition

What You Eat During Pregnancy Affects Your Baby’s Health

It’s time to stop spending hours online reading misinformation and risking your baby’s health. Instead, say hello to evidence-based prenatal nutrition created by experts and scientists. Try the world's 1st personalized prenatal nutrition plan.

Precision is the Future of
Health & Well-being

Precision by LifeNome is the science-based personalization of products and services tailored to one’s profile; genetic, lifestyle-based, environmental, and much more. LifeNome’s AI-Driven B2B Platform helps your customers make informed choices targeted to their unique needs.

LifeNome Ecosystem

How LifeNome Adds Value to Your Business

Offer your customer
personalized choices

Personalization lets you help your customers filter out products that don’t work for them while highlighting the ones that do.

Empower your customers
so they understand their needs

LifeNome’s Precision Consumption AI educates your customers so they can make informed decisions that drive better health outcomes.

Get to know your
customers better

Identify your customer’s needs on a biological level so you can focus on improving your products and services.

Engage customers with
your brand

Take your brand’s image to the next level by using our technology to cater to your customers while driving better health & well-being outcomes

Position Yourself as
an Innovator

Personalization is the future of shopping, embrace the trend, and gain a competitive advantage while creating value for your customers.

Create Trust &
Customer Loyalty

By driving better health & well-being outcomes, LifeNome helps your business create trust & loyalty with new and existing customers.

Precision Built for Your Industry


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We are serious about privacy

“Privacy is not a privilege, it’s a right” Ali Mostashari, Ph.D., CEO, LifeNome

LifeNome does not share your personal data with third parties without your explicit authorization.

LifeNome abides by the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act or GINA. GINA protects users from discrimination concerning health insurance and employment decisions on the basis of genetic information. We also abide by COPPA.

You control your data and profile, and you can also delete them at any time.

Erase your raw genetic data from our database at any time. The genetic predisposition reports generated will be kept for your future reference. LifeNome does not share any personally identifiable genetic information with any other third party entities.

LifeNome uses state of the art security and encryption technologies to safeguard your data.

Users are responsible for safeguarding their login information and should not share their authentication information with any third party. Please notify immediately of any unauthorized use of your password.

LifeNome provides complementary insights only.

The information provided by LifeNome does not constitute medical advice. They serve solely as complementary insights to assist you, your nutritionist, fitness instructor, or health-care provider in making more personalized decisions for your health & well-being.

Our genes are unique
Our products and services should be too

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