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Ensuring Your Privacy!

LifeNome abides by the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, or GINA, a U.S. federal legislation with bipartisan support that protects Americans from discrimination with respect to health insurance and employment decisions on the basis of genetic information. GINA has passed through Congress and was signed into law by the President on May 21, 2008. As a result, American insurance companies and health plans (including both group and individual insurers, as well as federally-regulated plans) will be prohibited from: looking at your predictive genetic information or genetic services before you enroll; "requesting or requiring" that you or your family members take a genetic test; restricting enrollment based on genetic information; or changing your premiums based on genetic information. GINA also prohibits U.S. employers (including employment agencies, labor organizations, and training programs) from: discriminating against who they hire or how much they pay on the basis of genetic information; "requesting or requiring" that you or your family members take a genetic test; or disclosing your genetic information in their possession except under specific and specially controlled circumstances. We also abide by COPPA  which applies to the online collection of personal information from children under 13. The new rules spell out what a Web site operator must include in a privacy policy, when and how to seek verifiable consent from a parent and what responsibilities an operator has to protect children's privacy and safety online.

How we store your Data

At LifeNome, your data is kept on file for 12 months. 30 days prior to the end of the 12-month period, we will send you an authorization form in case you want us to keep your data on file for longer periods of time so that we can provide you with additional well-being reports as the science of genomics expands over the years. If we do not receive an authorization form from you by the end of 12-months, we will delete your data from our database. The reports generated will be kept for your future reference. LifeNome does not share any personally identifiable genetic information with any other third party entities. ​​

Data Security

LifeNome takes the security of your data seriously. We use state of the art security measures to safeguard your personal information. You will be responsible for safeguarding your login information and should not share your authentication information to any third party. Please notify us of any unauthorized use of your password.

Statement of Limitations

LifeNome provides non-disease wellness information only. The information provided by LifeNome does not constitute medical advice and is provided solely as complementary insight to assist you and your doctor in making more personalized decisions for your well-being. Genetic predispositions do not mean a condition is actually present. Many environmental and behavioral factors impact the actual presence of a condition. 

Your Privacy Matters!

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LifeNome reports leverage 600+ peer-reviewed scientific studies and a proprietary algorithm that analyzes the cumulative impact of 6500+ genetic variations in the form of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) to explore potential predispositions of 500+ wellness traits.

The LifeNome algorithm calculates individual predisposition risk compared to the overall population with regards to your nutrition, dieting, fitness, allergy and overall wellness traits. The reports also provide recommendations on how to make choices that allow you to overcome any negative predispositions and leverage any positive dispositions to maximize your wellness. The information provided by this report does not constitute medical advice and is provided solely as complementary insight to assist you and your doctor in making more personalized decisions for your overall well-being.

6500+ Genetic Variations,  500+ Wellness Reports, One Unique You. 

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