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DNA-based Wellness Genomics Science
  • More genetic variations analyzed (9000+) and traits reported (140+) than any other genomics report. 
  • Created by a team of PhDs and MDs with global expertise in genomics, complexity science, artificial intelligence and medical science. 
  • LifeNome is recognized by UBS as one of the key players in Genomics 2.0 (May 2016).
  • LifeNome's Precision Wellness Platform is GINA, HIPAA, and COPPA Compliant. 


Order Your testing Kit from a LifeNome compatible provider and get DNA analyzed**.

(Takes 4-6 weeks) 


Order a LifeNome Package and Upload/Authorize Your DNA Data.

(<5 minutes)

​​​​​50 Trait Reports

Explore your unique genetically-influenced vitamin needs, minerals balance, diet effectiveness and metabolism trait predispositions  with this package. 


LifeNome Reviews for DNA-based Wellness
* Prices for those with existing DNA data from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, or FTDNA. LifeNome is not affiliated with any of these providers and only allows individuals to use their raw genetic data from these providers for its wellness reports. Genetic testing kits (only the ancestry version is necessary)  can be ordered separately through  or FamilyTreeDNA.

If you have DNA Testing Data from 23andMe,, FTDNA or LivingDNA you can start at Step 2.

DNA-based Wellness Insights
FitNome - DNA-based Fitness Package

Discover Your Personalized
DNA-Based Wellness 

Your DNA is Extracted
Total Insights - Most Comprehensive DNA-based Wellness Assessment Package on the Market
World's Premier DNA-based Wellness AI Engine

LifeNome's Team is comprised of world class scientists in computational genomics, complexity science, artificial intelligence as well as physicians and business leaders.

Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Dr. Raya Khanin is considered one of the top 20 cited scholars in computational genomics in the world and has more than 20 years of experience in the field of genomics.

​Co-Founder and CEO, Dr. Ali Mostashari is an MIT Ph.D. with expertise in Complexity Science and considered one of the top 20 cited scholars in the field in the world.​


You get your predisposition assessment reports + actionable insights (Immediate)


LifeNome Reviews for DNA-based Wellness

I'm indeed allergic to mold, grass, and lactose. It took me years to learn that I'm allergic to lactose!  ​I had two tendon injuries from climbing! None of my friends experienced that; I figured it's because I climb harder.

​​​​​-- Eli K. (British Columbia)

Variations in your genes (called SNPs) are what make you unique and different than others.


Our AI Genomics Engine will analyze 9000+ genetic variations in your DNA and assess your wellness predispositions.​ (<1min)

Genetic testing for wellness empowers precision wellness for personalized wellness choices for individuals. LifeNome offers the world's premier artificial intelligence AI genomics engine and empowers data-driven wellness choices for dna diet, dna skin care, dna fitness, dna allergy, dna personality and other wellness traits. 

Have DNA Data from 23andMe, AncestryDNA or FTDNA?*​

​​​​20 Trait Reports

Explore your genetic skin characteristics such as skin tanning, sun sensitivity, collagen, detoxification, pollution defense, youthfulness, predisposition to acne and many others.


** Genetic testing kits (only the ancestry version is necessary)  can be ordered through  or FamilyTreeDNA.
Provide a DNA Saliva Sample

Genetic variations in our DNA impact the way your body processes nutrients, your muscles and joints structure, your skin characteristics, and many other wellness traits, from predisposition to higher blood pressure due to excessive salt consumption, or negative impact of trans-fats. Wellness Genomics is the science of identifying associations between genetic variations present in the DNA with Wellness traits.  This is called predisposition likelihood assessment. Understanding your predispositions helps you make choices that match your body’s need. LifeNome's AI algorithm looks at 8000+ genetic variations holistically to assess your overall predispositions for nutrition, fitness, skin care and many more wellness traits. 

DNa-based Wellness Predisposition Assessment
LifeNome Co-Founders Raya Khanin, Ph.D. and Ali Mostashari, Ph.D. are among the top 20 cited scientists in their respective fields

​​27 Trait Reports

Explore your fitness personality, injury risk and other fitness related characteristics to optimize your exercises based on your body's genetic composition.



LifeNome is a revolutionary DNA-based wellness Artificial intelligence (AI) company with the aim of revolutionizing how individuals make personalized wellness decision. Individuals can use their existing genetics testing data (from providers such as 23andMe, Ancestry. com, FamilyTreeDNA or others) or order a new genetic test to get access to 150+ predisposition reports on nutrition, dieting, fitness, skin care, addictions, allergies and sensitivities and many more. LifeNome explores more than 8000 genetic variations to assess potential wellness predispositions.  DNA Wellness, DNA Weight Loss, DNA Diets, DNA SKin Care, DNA Fitness and DNA Allergy Management are among LifeNome's offerings.  Genetic testing for wellness is the future of personalized wellness and precision wellness. DNA well-being is a new paradigm for personalized wellness (also known as precision wellness). 

Excellent Actionable Reports! I really liked LifeNome Wellness reports since they provided actionable information for me to optimize my workouts, diet and even skincare regime. The reports validated many suspicions I had like being sensitive to caffeine and gluten. I also realized that my body really responds to workouts of all kinds.

-- Nina S. (New York)

The breadth, number and variety of reports you guys provide is impressive, and I think you do a good job of giving background info and relevance for each of your reports. Also, I think the infographic showing your score against the population average and the desired outcome is a neat way to visualize those results.

-- ​ Eric H. (California)

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Use it to personalize your wellness choices based on your unique genetic makeup

​​Wow! Great stuff. I felt that in 5 minutes you provided more information to me than 23andMe - but information that was more useful to my life. It is fascinating how many of the assessments were right on the spot. 

-- Bart S. (Hong Kong)​
LifeNome Reviews for DNA-based Wellness

140 Trait Reports

Get the most comprehensive genetic predisposition assessment package for DNA-based wellness. Explore 140+ predisposition to nutrition, dieting, metabolism, fitness, skin care, allergies and personality/cognitive development traits.

20 Trait Reports

Explore your personality profiles, your learning predispositions, and your interpersonal tendencies with this package.


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PersoNome - DNA-based Personality Development Assessment Package


DNA-based Allergy Assessment Package
SkinNome - DNA-based Skin Care Package

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23 Trait Reports

Explore your predisposition to allergies and sensitivities such as gluten sensitivity, lactose intolerance, pet and plant allergies and many others.



LifeNome Reviews for DNA-based Wellness